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JDRF originated as a volunteer led organisation, and the passion and dedication of those who provide time, resources, and experience is the key to our growth and continued progress in the search for a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Youth Ambassadors make up a large part of our volunteer base and we are pleased to announce the 2008 Youth Ambassador of the year winners.


The national Youth Ambassador of the Year was Malcolm Fleming of Coolah, NSW.

He won due to his dedication to let people know that type 1 diabetes is a lifelong disease and needs a cure. His achievements in 2008 include:

Campaigning his local federal MP and Health Minister

Going to the NSW State Parliament House to talk with MP

Creating a 18km bike ride to raise money called the “Tour de Coolah”

Has been busy getting his face on all types of media including TV, radio and newspapers relaying the message that JDRF are trying to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Well done Malcolm, the National Youth Ambassador of the Year!

His local news station was even there to cover the event and interview the proud winner.


Brendan Rose won in NSW due to being actively involved in many function with JDRF including meeting his NSW Premier, his State MP and many other ministers that he has personally built a relationship with. Brendan will also JDRF Australia’s representative during the US Children’s Congress.


Breanne Rush has been a Youth Ambassador for less than a year, but in that time has contributed greatly with raising awareness about type 1 diabetes. She has been featured in numerous articles in local papers for raising awareness for Jelly Baby Month, Insulin Pump Grants and the Walk to Cure Diabetes.


Erin Cross is a girl with maturity beyond her years. While being only 10 years old, Erin has been able to speak to numerous companies about living with type 1 diabetes and how it affects her life. She has also met members of parliament and attended events such as the Walk to Cure Diabetes and Golf days.


Jordon Collette won in SA because of his extremely professional speaking. He has spoken on numerous occasions in 2008 and invests a great deal of time in preparing his speech and always delivers a professional speech.


Cody Nash is a regular at JDRF WA events, but it was his efforts in the Walk to Cure Diabetes that really highlighted his skills. Cody took on a personal challenge in fundraising and sent out many letters, visited people and worked hard to raise funds. His efforts were rewarded with the family team being the third highest fundraisers.


Rebekah Holt is a recent Youth Ambassador and has hit the ground running, being involved with Jelly Baby Month, Promise to Remember Me and the Walk to Cure Diabetes. She has been not only been attending, with her bright and bubbly personality she has also had some very creative suggestions for the JDRF team.


Emma Crack won as she went to great lengths to keep in contact with her local Member of Parliament and keep the momentum going from her work with Kids in the House. She also did a great job of going to Melbourne and meeting with Dr Brendan Nelson and handling the pressure of speaking about her life with type 1 diabetes. Emma has also done a great job in selling a large amount of Jelly Baby Month merchandise.

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  1. an interested person

    Have the 2010 Ambassadors been announced yet?

    1. No they haven't yet unfortunately, it was suppose to be the end of August that they would announce the winners.