Australian JDRF-funded researchers have discovered two particular proteins are essential in the development of autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes.

The study found that the absence of these two proteins, called Bim and Puma, led to an accumulation of ‘self-reactive’ immune cells that attacked different organs of the body. In healthy individuals, the body protects itself from autoimmune disease by forcing these self-reactive immune cells to die or become inactive.

This study, published by Professor Andreas Strasser and his colleagues at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, showed that the death of self-reactive immune cells was an important component of protecting the body against autoimmune disease.

The results of this study could impact not only the direction of type 1 diabetes prevention research, but also research into other autoimmune diseases. Future research can target these proteins to investigate the potential for preventing the onset of type 1 diabetes. This research will also pave the way to further understand the root causes of autoimmune diseases.

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  1. The researches like this help the world a lot. The work of the Australia organization must be appreciated.

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  2. Keep up the good work. Although i am sooooo pleased to see that there could be a DEFINATE prevention for T1D within my lifetime, i would love to see a cure as well.

  3. Sounds like great research. Must say my heart sank when I saw no mention of this research contributing to a cure. Prevention won't help me unfortunately, or any of the other people suffering with T1D already.

  4. I must agree with the you Ella, but If they can find a prevention… that makes them another step forward to finding a cure
    My 4yr old daughter is named Ella and she has had T1 for 2 1/2 months! we pray every day for a cure!!

    1. my son is now 2 1/2 but has had diabeties since he was 13 months old.we hope for a cure every day but this could help identify if my other children are prone to getting type one

  5. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1996. Back then Type 1 was not thought to be Genetically Linked but I too was also finally diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 56. Blood tests many years ago showed I had very high antibodies but back then, nobody knew what this meant. When the research caught up it was to late for me. I was originally diagnosed with Type 2 because of my age and no Ketones. My Endocrinologist identified me as having LADA, because my GAD and IA2 antibodies were in the extreme range but now am classified with Brittle Type 1.
    This discovery that the absence of the two proteins Bim and Puma can be linked to autoimmune diseases is great news but remember Type 1 is genetically linked and you can get Type 1 at any age. Paul.

  6. Yes, prevention research is good, but where are the reports on cure research? JDRF is about finding the cure.

  7. how does one get these proteins? Can you get them via food, if so what?

  8. My father, brother, myself and my 10 year old son are all Type 1 diabetics. I pray they find a cure and for my son's children I pray they find a prevention.

  9. Fantastic people want to find these cures!!
    My oldest daughter was 22 months Jan 2011 when she was diagnosed and i gave birth to my second daughter 6 days later. With her now approaching the same age prevention means just as much as a cure because i would be heartbroken to see more of my babies go thru this

  10. Fantastic!
    Every new break through whether it be towards a curer or prevention is one step closer.
    My daughter was diagnosed when she was 17months she is now 11 years old. I find the the absence of these two proteins, interesting, would this be why my daughter has develop another autoimmune disease? (JIA) l know once you have one autoimmune disease you are more likely to develop other autoimmune diseases.

  11. Don't just think prevention, think the big picture, if they work out how to pevent, they could well work out the cure from the information they use for the prevention. We must all stay positive, my son was five when he was diagnosed, he is nearly 15. He lets nothing stop him, he does heaps of sport, and his diabetes just has too tag along. Sure there are challenges along the way. We always tell him keep fit and healthy and when the cure comes you will be in a position of good health…so you will be able to have that cure.

  12. My daughter is 12 and has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 9 years old. This is great news!!! The only thing is that we hear these kind of research news all the time and people before us who have kids with Type 1 diabetes has as well … their kids are now in their adult hood age … still with Type 1 diabetes … waiting … the way I see it is that there are so many research going on around the world but not many to help find the cure for people who already have it … some of the research is being repeated and than it just reach the dead end yet again … if everyone could work together and share their data with no interference from the big pharmaceutical companies and " money talk " forces all our kids would have been cured long time ago … we have Gene therapy research going on here in Australia that should have been heavily supported as it shows amazing results … BCG reserach in USA funded by private donations and Dr Fautsman publicly stating that she has been discouraged every step of the way on her journey in her research ( please do Google her ) … for the cure for our kids … with Type 1 diabetes … Dr Voltareli from Brazil has performed trials on 12 patients treatment with stem cells and it was very promising … one of the patients was 4 years living a healthy life with no insulin … Where are all these conclusions and success research going on … when will the human trials start??? We never hear the follow up … the time line … Treatment and management of Type 1 diabetes that is on the rise is the BIG business for many … and we are talking about billions of dollars … I sometimes wonder are our kids more worth staying the way they are with Type 1 diabetes??? We depend on the system = big money machine that don't have no feelings … I have been for two years now involved with searching for the truth about the cure and I have realized that if I don't do something for my little girl I will not see her in my life time cured … our kids need cure now not tomorrow and not in 20 years … Do you know how long it takes from the actual results of the research to get authorized to the next stage and by the time it reach human stage it will be years … even if we are talking about today ( which is not on the horizon ) research results approved it will take 20 years for the product to be in the public approved use … I realized there is something very fishy when it comes to cure's … Good luck to us all … good luck to you all who believe … The truth is out there … definitely … and for you who wants to see it will and the rest it's ok to believe what ever you are told … we are all in the same boat either way … our kids still have this disease … and we all want the same thing for them … the cure … When I say We I meant parents … Information is power and the more all of us who know the truth and what is going on … we will become as powerful if not more than the system itself and that is the way we will speed the authorization and this " embargo " when it comes to cure for Type 1 diabetes … We need to ask the right question … directed at the right people … at the right time … and we need to know the facts … empower yourself with the real factual truth of what is going on around the world … research and you will find the answers … in the mean time yes I hope all our kids keep sugar control well … and live life to the full.

  13. Take heart, we have to have hope that a breakthrough will come soon and a Nobel Prize will be awarded to those who can find a cure for this disease. However, I will admit my two children, now in their twenties, both diagnosed with type1 as very young children do not believe a cure will come in their lifetime. That saddens me but that is how they feel.
    Medical science believes that it WILL be the next big cure and that we are on the brink of that discovery. Let's all hope that day is soon.

  14. I have just joined facebook and still struggling with Emails but I am getting there. There has been allot of discoveries with Type 1 Diabetes over recent time and JDRF is up there with these pioneering discoveries. Lets all hope that there soon will be a cure for Type 1. From the comments that I read, it has amazed me how many parents are being diagnosed with Adult Type 1, years after their child was first diagnosed with Type 1. I have read that about half of the people with Type 1 have been diagnosed as adults e.g, above the age of 15 years. Any comments??? Remember Wear BLUE Wednesday 14th November.