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Eelizaliza Bartlett, a 21 year old nursing student from Adelaide, is going for a very long walk on the 8th of April. She will set out from Adelaide Oval and expects to reach her destination, the MCG, three weeks later, covering 40km every day. Her inspiration – fundraising and awareness for type 1 diabetes research.

Eliza has been living with type one diabetes for 12 years. Her nursing career will allow her to educate other people with type 1 diabetes. She was inspired to pursue this career and attempt this major challenge after living the daily struggles of the disease for more than a decade.

Eliza said, “Over the years, I have been a member of high level sporting teams, and travelled through America and Mexico alone (volunteering with diabetes organisations) at the age of 18, just to prove that I won’t let diabetes stand in my way.”

“Although I do not let it stop me from doing anything; hundreds and thousands of children and adults, including myself, have to live every day with up to 5 needles and 10 finger pricks daily, wearing an insulin pump 24/7, and going to bed not knowing if you’ll wake up the next morning.”

“As well as these short term effects, we live with the long term risk of Kidney Disease, Heart disease, Limb amputation, Glaucoma, and decreased life expectancy just to name a few. If well controlled these risks are lowered, but instead of waiting to see if they will happen to us, I’m sure we would all love a cure and be free of these worries.”

“My aim for my fundraising is $20,000 and I hope to raise beyond this amount in order to get even closer to a cure being found! All money raised goes straight to JDRF. “

“The research currently underway is exciting and promising, so every dollar that is raised is putting us one step closer to me and thousands of others being needle and worry free.”

To donate to Eliza’s campaign, please visit her fundraising page at

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