Alan has just finished cycling 1,151kms around Tasmania in three weeks – what an amazing achievement! He has tackled this challenge in support of JDRF, for his 20-year-old son Leigh who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just four years old. Raising over $5000, Alan is absolutely rapt with his achievement!


I love challenging myself, I love cycling, and I love the open road. I also want to support the great work being done in Australia to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. That’s why I started my very own “Tassie in 3 for T1D” challenge.

Tasmania has great scenery, great seafood, and great roads for cycling. There are challenges alright; much of the west coast is wilderness, the weather is changeable, there are lots of hills, and it’s almost 1200kms to complete the ‘Giro della Tasmania’ loop around the island.

It certainly wasn’t easy trek – there was wet weather, two days of solid climbing in mountainous terrain, gale force winds, broken wheel spokes, and more. At the same time, I got to have some fantastic conversations about my challenge with people I met along the way; at campgrounds and pubs where I stopped in for a meal. Of course, I saw some spectacular scenery along the way.

Having messages of support from friends and family along the way made a big difference. My original aim was to raise $3500, but the further I got on my trip, the closer that number reached $5000.

I had begun this tour apprehensive at what was before me, not knowing how much of a challenge I faced, and the weather was threatening and full of potential discomfort. I returned with all that removed and a sunny, warm feeling to match my satisfaction at having met the challenges Tasmania has thrown at me.

How does it feel?  Immensely satisfying, with relief that I’ve been able to honour all the pledges to JDRF for my ‘Tassie in 3 for T1D’. Over $5,000 raised for type 1 diabetes research! Thank you everyone who has supported me on this journey.

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