When JDRF called Trish Abrahams of Team Edie to conduct this interview, she was feeling tired.

“We’ve had a rough night – two nights of random lows because Edie’s got a cold,” she explained. “This is really strange for Edie as well, because she used to run high when she had a cold, but it all seems to have changed now that she’s on a pump.”

“While my husband Owen and I can alternate overnight duty, there’s never really any rest. I feel very lucky that we work from home…I don’t know how parents who work a 9 to 5, or single parents, manage it on very little sleep.”

That’s why Trish, her sister Tracy, her friends Lee and Dave have decided to enter the Big Red Run 2015 – to help raise funds for JDRF and T1D research, to create a better life for Edie, and all people living with T1D.


“I first heard about the Big Red Run in 2013, and my friend Dave and I just kind of said to one another, ‘Do you want to do it?’. Though active, I wasn’t a distance runner, and neither was Dave, so we’ve taken our time over the past two years training to get fit for this massive 250km race.”

“It’s been particularly challenging for Dave because he’s had T1D since he was 13. He’s had to work out the best food and insulin regime to keep his body fit for long distance running. He’s incredible now though – I’ve seen him whip out his test kit, test, have a gel pack…all while he’s running!”

The thought of tackling this 250km foot race through the Simpson Desert is daunting, but Trish has the best motivation in Edie, her daughter.

“Edie’s had T1D for almost three years now. She’s doing well, becoming more independent, doing her own testing, managing her pump with supervision. It helps that the school she’s at is fantastic – the support is great, Edie’s teacher even has T1D as well. But she shouldn’t have to worry about it, and she shouldn’t have to grow up so quickly.”

“I need to do the Big Red Run to show Edie that she too can do anything that she wants to do. She’s already saying things like ‘I can’t do that because I have T1D’. I need to show her that that’s not true, and that she can do anything she wants, as long as she sets her mind to it and works a little bit harder. Dave is a prime example that people with T1D can do anything. Edie watches Dave and hopefully she will see anything is possible.”

“The fundraising we do also helps Edie see that she’s not alone, and that everyone’s ready to support her. We had a fundraising dinner event recently and she said to me, ‘Wow Mum, all these people are here for me’. She needs to see that we’re all here to help make her life better.”

And in the end, that’s all the motivation that Trish, Tracy, Lee and Dave need to train for the Big Red Run, to tackle the 250km desert run, and to raise funds for type 1 diabetes research.

“We hope that in the end, there will be a cure for Edie. But if what we raise can make a difference right now and even help with something as simple as a better way to do fingerpricks…that would ease the burden and make life a lot easier.” 

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