The Federal Government has announced a national consultation process to help guide the development of a National Diabetes Strategy. They have opened the door for interested Australians to fill in an online questionnaire and have their voices heard.

This is your chance to be the voice of the type 1 diabetes community.

We want you to help us put type 1 diabetes at the top of the agenda.

We’re asking you to complete relevant sections of questionnaire so that the views of people living with type 1 diabetes are heard and acknowledged. You don’t have to fill in every question and we’re asking that you pay special attention and respond in your own words to:

Goal 2: Promote earlier detection of diabetes. (Questions 4 to 6)

Increase awareness of type 1 diabetes among healthcare providers and the community.

JDRF: Increasing awareness of T1D in healthcare professionals and general community could help reduce the cases of late diagnosis and the percentage of people with type 1 diabetes who present with diabetic ketoacidosis on diagnosis. This could be life-saving.

Goal 3: Reducing the occurrence of diabetes related complications and improve quality of life among people with diabetes (Questions 7 to 9)

JDRF: All these areas of action are worthy of support, especially ‘transition from child to adult services’ and ‘high quality hospital care’. JDRF’s main focus is ‘medicines and devices’, an area requiring reform so that access to new technologies and treatments can be improved for people with type 1 diabetes.

Goal 5: Strengthen prevention and care through research, evidence and data (Questions 14 to 16)

JDRF: We support research into type 1 diabetes and a national research agenda that coordinates diabetes research across multiple funding streams. We support linking existing and future data sets to provide de-identified aggregate data to help strengthen and speed research efforts towards curing, treating and preventing type 1 diabetes.

Final comments (Question 17)

This is your chance to have your say on any broader issues – what are your concerns, and what do you think Government can do differently to make life easier for you?

Click here to go to the online questionnaire

Make sure you get your response in by 17 May 2015. Let JDRF know when you submit your response by emailing and any issues you’d like us to take up in a broader community response.


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