The Federal Government has announced a national consultation process to help guide the development of a National Diabetes Strategy. They have opened the door for interested Australians to fill in an online questionnaire and have their voices heard.

Let’s make sure that the type 1 diabetes community voice is heard loud and clear! You don’t need to answer every question, just the ones that matter most to you.


Rachelle Ward, who lives in rural New South Wales, has a child with type 1 diabetes and is passionate about advocating for the needs of her child, and the type 1 diabetes community.

“Being invited to comment on caring for a child with type 1 diabetes and more so, assurance that my voice will be heard loud and clear by the decision makers is rare. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the National Diabetes Strategy through the Public Consultation Process. While the length of the questionnaire is daunting, you only have to answer the questions that are relevant to you, so the actual process is quite easy.”

“Goal 3 is all about reducing complications and improving quality of life, but the wording focused mostly on hyperglycaemia with nothing about hypoglycaemia. To me, the potential of a hypo is what we worry about as we go to sleep, the first thing we check when we wake, is why I fear sending my child off to preschool, sport or a play at relatives or friends. In my response, I highlighted the fear of hypos to bring its importance to the decision makers, so that we can reach our dreams of a subsidised continuous glucose monitor.”

“As someone with a science and research background, I had to comment on Goal 5 and the need to have access to new technologies or management strategies that are developed not just nationally but internationally. For example, one particular diabetes product was developed and released in the US in 2011, Europe in 2013 and has yet to be available in Australia.”

Want to join Rachelle and have your opinion heard? This is your chance to be the voice of the type 1 diabetes community.

We want you to help us put type 1 diabetes at the top of the agenda.

We’re asking you to complete relevant sections of questionnaire so that the views of people living with type 1 diabetes are heard and acknowledged. You don’t have to fill in every question and we’re asking that you pay special attention and respond in your own words to Goal 3, reducing the occurence of diabetes related complications and improve quality of life among people with diabetes (Questions 7 to 9).

One of JDRF’s key focus areas of Goal 3 is ‘medicines and devices’, an area requiring reform so that access to new technologies and treatments can be improved for people with type 1 diabetes. If you’re passionate about improving access to technology such as insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitors, or increasing access to Health Care Cards, this is where you can tell the Government what the type 1 diabetes community needs.

Click here to go to the online questionnaire

Make sure you get your response in by 31 May 2015. Let JDRF know when you submit your response by emailing and any issues you’d like us to take up in a broader community response.

If you have any questions, JDRF can help! Call our Advocacy Manager Suz on 02 9020 6100 and she’d be really happy to hear from you.


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