This story highlights the importance of patient access to affordable diabetes technology for better management of the disease and a happier, healthier life. JDRF is sharing this story today with permission from Simone, whose family life was changed because of access to an insulin pump.


My three-year-old son Janko was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July last year. The diagnosis was a complete shock as we have no family history of diabetes and up until that point, never knew anyone that had diabetes.

Like everyone else before us who gets diagnosed, we had to make a lot of changes and adjustments to our life. Janko’s three older sisters have been really awesome in checking what their little brother eats, and being alert to changes in his behaviour.

Janko became very insulin-sensitive quickly, and we had to try and force him to eat more food to cover a 0.5 insulin injection. We even had a time where we skipped injections, and in March of this year, Janko had a severe hypoglycaemic seizure.

Our once happy, active little boy became a shadow of who he once was in just a few short months. He wouldn’t eat, he had no energy, and he woke up every morning crying because he just felt terrible.

Janko received an insulin pump in May this year through the JDRF-administered Federal Government Insulin Pump Programme, and I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Although it’s still been a tough few months in getting all the pump settings right, Janko is a different little boy. He wakes up smiling, he’s back to grazing all day long, but most of all he is happy and smiling again. He is my little hero and a really brave little trooper.

Thank you for giving my gorgeous little boy back to me.

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