JDRF One Walk is the world’s biggest fundraising event for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and it’s also the best way of meeting all the other people in your local area who are touched by T1D. Now is the time to play a part in creating a brighter future. You can join over a million people worldwide passionate about supporting JDRF in finding a cure for T1D at JDRF One Walk.


Be part of your local One Walk community and meet others living with T1D.

JDRF One Walk lets my daughter know that she’s not alone


Natasha says, “Our lives changed when Mia was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago and we received the JDRF KIDSAC pack in the hospital. She struggled through the first year, and even had a seizure. Since JDRF helped us get an insulin pump through the Federal Government’s Insulin Pump Programme, she’s much healthier now.”

“That’s why we take our team Mia’s Wish to JDRF One Walk every year, and why we get involved with fundraising. JDRF supported us when we needed it the most. We want to support them and everyone else with type 1 diabetes by helping to find a cure. It’s also good for Mia to go along to a big event with all the other people with type 1 diabetes in our area, so she sees that she is not alone.”

JDRF One Walk helps create a brighter future for my daughter


Renee from the team ‘Walk With Me Kikki Dee’ says, “A few days ago, we marked four years of my daughter Chiara living with type 1 diabetes. Four years ago, I didn’t know what hit us. We became a family with T1D. Our baby girl was an hour off being in a coma. Then we received a KIDSAC pack from JDRF, and Peer Support as well.”

“Now, Chiara will smile, twirl, and hug you. She’ll play all day and night, read you a million books, and create and craft until your house is a masterpiece. Her health and happiness today and into the future, is why we do JDRF One Walk. Every dollar we raise, helps create a brighter future for Chiara.”


Join people like Natasha and Mia, and Renee and Chiara at JDRF One Walks around Australia in October and November this year. Register today at

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