Congratulations to William as he’s off to NASA in the USA as a prize winner for this disposal kit!

Earlier in the year, we released a post about Canberra schoolboy William for his innovative blood test strip disposal kit and how his invention may land him onto an Innovation Adventure as a finalist for the Origin littleBIGidea competition. View the article here.

Here’s an update from the Canberra Times!

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William’s invention to help diabetics more easily dispose of blood testing strips has won the 11-year-old a trip to NASA.

More than 850 students from year 3 to year 8 entered Origin’s nationwide littleBIGidea competition, but the St Edmund’s College student stood out from the crowd in the year 5 to 6 category.
William, who has type 1 diabetes, said the inspiration for the idea came from his own life.

“I always get into trouble for leaving my blood test strips around the house because I have to test my blood up to 10 times a day, which adds up to lots and lots of test strips,” William said.

“It’s important to diabetics because they always get in trouble for leaving their test strips everywhere.”

William’s invention is a small, plastic disposal unit that fits into testing kits used by diabetics. Diabetics can feed strips into it throughout the day, and dispose them all when it gets full.
William said he’ll be using his invention every day on the trip to the United States, instead of fiddling with the strips while on the plane and in the airport.

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