If you follow our JDRF blog, you might be familiar with Alex Kozeniauskas. Alex has had type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 20 years, is a hugely active supporter of JDRF, and is hugely active in general, which is why he’s also known as Type1Athletic!


When Alex discovered the JDRF One Ride event, he didn’t just sign up to ride 160km — the most epic of the four distance options — in the Barossa Valley in May. He’s taking the challenge to a whole new level, and will be riding 900km to the event in South Australia from his home in Melbourne. This will be the culmination of a string of cycling and athletic challenge events that Alex will use to boost awareness of his fundraising and keep his efforts top of mind.

Here’s what events and challenges are on Alex’s hit list between now, and One Ride in May:

  • Cycling 900km from Melbourne to Adelaide for One Ride
  • Cycling 1,000km along the east coast of Tasmania in February 2017
  • Training rides from Melbourne to Mount Buller (280km)
  • Exploring many long roads and rides around Melbourne
  • Running the Melbourne Marathon in October 2016 (Editor’s note – Alex finished in a steaming 3hrs 1min)
  • 3 x Half-Ironman distance triathlons


Earlier this month, Alex kicked off his One Ride fundraising drive, competing in Melbourne’s Around the Bay in a Day cycling event. While Alex makes it look easy, his firsthand account of event day proves just how complex managing T1D while competing in sport can be. For instance, an unexpected “pump not primed” warning called for an unplanned stop and subsequent chase to catch up!

“I’ve got some big ambitions for my fundraising and participation in the event and I really want to get as much exposure for type 1 diabetes and JDRF out into the community,” says Alex on his blog.

“I will be trying to raise $10,000 and also get my family involved to raise extra money and then participate in the event as a team… As a type 1 diabetic for over 20 years this is obviously a cause very close to me and the recent exposure which I have had to JDRF’s work motivates me further as I can see the amazing things which JDRF do and the benefits which diabetics like me receive from this.”

Follow Alex’s training progress including Strava data on his fundraising page, or get detailed accounts on his blog, Type1Athletic. Alex also welcomes potential One Riders to get in touch with him via the blog and join the Type1Athletic Team to ride the Barossa.

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