JDRF International, our US counterpart, has launched an early-stage investment fund to catalyse development of commercial type 1 diabetes (T1D) therapies. This initiative brings a venture philanthropy model to the fight against T1D.


The JDRF T1D Fund is the first and largest investment vehicle devoted to identifying and funding high impact T1D commercial opportunities in active partnership with venture and industry capital sources. The Fund has launched with a $32 million investment commitment from JDRFI, plus approximately $10 million in pre-launch contributions from donors.

The Fund initially targets raising $80 million in the next two years, and will focus on investments in companies committed to accelerating efforts to cure, treat and prevent T1D. Early opportunities of interest are artificial pancreas, metabolic control, encapsulation and replacement, prevention, and restoration therapies.

The goal of the Fund is to make the case to donors and to venture, corporate and foundation capital sources that attractive investment opportunities with high impact exist in the T1D space. Partnering with the T1D Fund can de-risk these opportunities by providing access to JDRF’s unmatched breadth of scientific and clinical trial knowledge and its regulatory and reimbursement expertise.

Governed separately from JDRF, the T1D Fund is managed by Jon Behr, who has strong experience in funding early stage companies, and is led by a seasoned independent board and investment committee.

Any realised gains will be recycled into the fund for re-deployment toward the mission, thus magnifying the impact of donor dollars.

“The T1D Fund will be the largest and most focused vehicle devoted exclusively to commercialising T1D therapies, devices, treatments, and vaccines,” said Derek Rapp, CEO of JDRF International. “We believe The T1D Fund will speed the attainment of our goal to do the greatest good for the most people in the shortest time.”

Rapp added that JDRF will continue its role as the global leader in T1D research across the full drug and device development pipeline, as well as its unique role in health policy, advocacy, and reimbursement.

Learn more at the JDRF T1D Fund website, or contact Philanthropy Manager, Gilbert Lorquet, at



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