It was an emotional weekend for many supporters and Riders who came together for the 15th and final JDRF One Ride in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. Around 250 Riders turned out to cover a range of distances between 35km and 160km in the name of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Among them were founders of the event who have attended all 15 years, through to those joining the event for the first time.  Many riders have T1D themselves or family members and friends who do. Others join simply for the love of cycling and the drive to do something for a great cause.

JDRF One Ride 2018

Over the 15 years since One Ride’s inception, participants have raised $13.5 million for T1D research. This year’s efforts contributed $900,000 towards the total.

“I was so happy to see that the passion that started this legacy carried through the entire weekend right up until the last bike was packed onto a plane. On Saturday night, we recognised some of those people who had made significant contributions and gave some special awards to those who have gone above and beyond this year,” said Louise Keys, National Manager – Events & Campaigns.

The special recognition awardees from One Ride 2018 were:

Leanne Chronican Spirit Award: Lexie Anderson & Karen Sutton (SA) and Anne McCrea (NSW)
Teamwork Award: Team G&D (VIC)
Highest Corporate Fundraising Team: Team Telstra, which has raised $1m+ in the past five years
King of the Hill: Alex Kozeniauskas
Queen of the Hill: Michelle Williams

One of the weekend’s biggest highlights was the arrival of the Type One Challenge team on Friday afternoon. The team of eight dedicated cyclists and their support crew rolled in to the Novotel Barossa from their 900km journey to the cheers and applause of the gathered crowd. It was a special moment to culminate the journey for these riders, who raised more than $100,000 alone towards the 2018 One Ride fundraising total.

JDRF would like to thank everyone who joined us this year, or has played a role in One Ride over the past 15 wonderful years.  

And a very big thank you also to Bernie Jones Cycles, Event Strategies, Novotel Barossa Valley, Staging Connections and Jacobs Creek Visitor Centre.

As for what’s next, the JDRF team are working hard to create another challenging event that brings passionate people together to make a significant impact to type 1 diabetes research – and we hope that you will join us when the time comes!

“We have all been custodians of a legacy created, and the wonderful thing is that whatever comes next, with passion like this from everyone involved we know that we have ability to create something new that will be just as amazing, unique and one of a kind,” said Louise.

It’s been a wonderful ride and we hope you continue to be part of the JDRF events journey in whatever shape that looks like.


If you would like to support any of the One Riders or Type 1 Challenge team, it’s not too late. Head to and click the donate button, then search by Rider name. Or, donate directly to the Type 1 Challenge team here. Fundraising continues until 30 June 2018. Stay tuned for more pics from the weekend on Facebook. 

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