JDRF Australia welcomes the announcement in the 2018 Federal Budget by the Turnbull Government of a number of measures that will benefit people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

federal budget announcement 2016/17

In the Budget, the Government’s commitment to the Insulin Pump Program administered by JDRF was increased from 66 funded pumps a year to 280 a year, sufficient to deal with both the existing waiting list and underlying levels of demand for the program under current parameters.

The 2018 Federal Budget also confirmed a continuation of the of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring program administered though the National Diabetes Services Scheme providing access for children under 21 to this life-saving and life-changing technology.

“Insulin pumps and CGMs are helping make the management of type 1 diabetes safer, easier, and more cost-effective everyday” said Mike Wilson, CEO of JDRF Australia.

“These two programs are key to providing Australians affected by this disease access to what is now effectively a global standard of care in management. We welcome the continuation of these programs and, hopefully, their future expansion over time.”

The Budget also outlined the substantial investment of $125m over nine years to support translational research and innovation in diabetes and heart disease. Australia is a world leader in early stage research in these areas including all types of diabetes, but the progression of promising health and medical research from the laboratory to proof of concept and readiness for future clinical testing is a well-known challenge.

“One of the most enduring challenges in medical research is the translation of promising science beyond academia and to then be ready for clinical trials. This initiative brings the focus, scale, duration, and skill to make that possible in areas of health critical for our nation – diabetes of all types and heart disease. This provides hope for the nearly 5 million Australians affected by one or more of these diseases.”

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