JDRF advocates have reminded the Health and Shadow Health Minister that research holds the key to unlocking a cure for type 1 diabetes, by delivering an open letter calling for the Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network (T1DCRN) to continue.

Researchers, clinicians and type 1 diabetes experts from around the world have signed an open letter calling on the Federal Government to maintain the T1DCRN.

The T1DCRN, founded, managed and administered by JDRF, is the primary vehicle for funding all type 1 diabetes research in Australia. Recognised globally as a best-practice model, the network connects researchers, looks to leverage Government funding through additional private investment and above all else has people with type 1 diabetes at the core.

The letter asks Government to remember that while research can be a long process, there is a definite immediate benefit to the 120,000 Australians, many of them children, who live with this lifelong autoimmune disease.

The T1DCRN means there is a significant amount of research taking place in Australia. For people with type 1 diabetes, this means clinical trials and programmes that allow them to access innovative and often life-changing treatments sooner.

And the benefit doesn’t just stop with trial participants. It also means that Australia, and Australian patients are more likely to see quick access to new treatments – given the partnership opportunities the T1DCRN creates.

The CRN is currently only funded until the end of this Financial Year, meaning it runs the real prospect of being dismantled in around six months’ time. This would have a negative effect on the type 1 diabetes community, research and Australia’s broader standing in the global scientific community. Also, years of collaboration, innovation and integration by the research community would not be supported into the future.

Our thanks to advocates Lawrence Jovanovic and James Eveille for presenting these letters and reminding politicians that research holds the key.

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