South Australia’s newest cycling challenge, Revolve24, hits the track this March, offering a great experience for family and corporate teams alike. Revolve24 in its second year at The Bend Motorsport Park, a world-class venue which has evolved, and the training wheels are now off! JDRF spoke with a family team and corporate team to find out why they have chosen this cycling mission in 2019.

Family team, the Supples and Greenfields, who each have a child who lives with type 1 diabetes (T1D) want to raise funds for JDRF’s mission and to support more clinical research.

“As enthusiastic casual cyclists, the event appealed to us for many reasons. The chance to ride on the new track at ‘The Bend’ is exciting for the whole family and we are looking forward to a great safe, fun event which brings fantastic teams of riders together. It’s a great opportunity for like-minded people to test their endurance,” Kylie Greenfield said (pictured below with husband Chris, and Andrew and Hayden Supple).

Andrew Supple and his son Hayden, participated in JDRF One Ride event for many years, and wanted to continue to do cycling activities with JDRF.

“A ride at The Bend appealed to us as it is a track we have not seen and something we normally would not have an opportunity to do,” Andrew said.

“Plus, with only one rider from the team on the track at any one time, it gives ample opportunity for us MAMILs (middle-aged men in Lycra) to rest.”

The team at MasterPlan headed by Director Greg Vincent have also supported JDRF for many years by participating in JDRF One Ride.

“With the final One Ride in 2018 and JDRF then becoming the exclusive charity partner for the Revolve24 event, MasterPlan was keen to continue to contribute and be involved in an event that supports JDRF and which aligns with our organisation’s own Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility values,” said Greg.

Revolve24 is a uniquely structured event which allows for soloists, or teams of two, four, six or eight to ride in a relay formation, for six, 12 or 24 hours. This has a lot of appeal for both novice and experienced cyclists, as riders will be able to support each other and challenge themselves in a truly unique riding event.

“Sharing the event with other riders means that everyone is involved in helping each other to perform at their best. We look forward to meeting other families at the event who are faced with similar challenges to us and building relationships, and we can’t wait to be INSPIRED by the other amazing riders that will be out there on the track,”Kylie said.

Tamara Aitchison, Development Manager for JDRF SA, has added, “Imagine rubbing shoulders with cyclists Stuart O’Grady (race director), Pat Jonker, Graeme Brown, Scott McGory and Justin Morris to name a few.”

MasterPlan currently have seven staff members, who are avid cyclists, keen to take on the challenge. Greg indicated, “it’s not so much about the format but the purpose. We have chosen to register two teams of four to encourage each team member to ride for six hours over the 24-hour period. This sets some excellent goals and enables two riders (one from each team) to support each other and ride together around the Bend Circuit. Co-operation and support are the key!”

“I’m sure however a bit of competitive edge might emerge, and we’ll see which team finishes with the most kilometres completed in the 24-hour period”

Given the close connection to type 1 diabetes, the Supple and Greenfield families are focused on raising as much as they can and spreading awareness about the challenges of living with T1D is at the forefront of why they are participating. Kylie shared, “Having a child with T1D is a constant and unrelenting challenge in our lives. It is a huge driving factor in our team coming together. It’s very important that our son can see that we are doing everything possible to support him and all those facing the challenges that T1D brings.”

Andrew shares a similar story. “Type 1 diabetes is a life sentence. Hayden was diagnosed at 22-months and is now 16. While technology and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) has made his life easier, Hayden can’t always wear his CGM as it gives him a rash.”

The family remain vigilant and still do a check of his blood sugar levels at 11.30pm and 3am each night whilst he sleeps.

“We need to make sure he is 100% safe and we know we need to do this.”

The Coorong district is home both The Bend Motorsport Park and some of the State’s most incredible environments, which you can explore by foot, bicycle or canoe. The Supple and Greenfield families agree they can’t wait to have a weekend away as a family and stay trackside at The Rydges Pitlane Hotel where the kids, family and friends can watch the action from the hotel balcony. In addition, the Coorong Council are also Sponsoring the Coorong Community Ride, a fabulous opportunity for friends, families, or anyone with a bike to ride a lap of the track too. During the Coorong Community Ride there will be lots of other activities for the public to experience, including ‘try a Penny Farthing’ and ‘try an e-bike’ experiences as well as a children’s skill session run by Cycling South Australia. Learn more about the weekend’s activities.

The event is open to everyone, so you don’t need to have a connection to T1D to support JDRF at Revolve24. The team at MasterPlan do not have a direct connection, but have been involved with JDRF for many years and have gained an understanding of the difficulties facing children who have T1D.

“It has strengthened our resolve as a company to assist JDRF find a cure for T1D. The ultimate achievement would be to know that any funds raised have helped find a cure and resolve the suffering of those affected by this condition.  In doing so, we hope to raise awareness through our participation at the event and with our, friends, families and business partners through their donations towards our fundraising efforts,” Greg said.

Ultimately, Revolve24 riders who are supporting JDRF are doing so because they want a cure for this chronic condition.

“To free our child from a life of daily injections, finger pricks, carbohydrate counting, night-time blood glucose testing, hypoglycaemia and ketoacidosis would be the amazing. Living with T1D presents a formidable daily challenge for the whole family. Management is constant; there are no breaks. We hope for a cure every single day so that our son can lead a normal life just like every other child,” Kylie said.

Andrew tells us that, “After 14 years, Hayden is over his diabetes. He is a typical millennial teenager who just wants to be a normal kid. He is embarrassed for people to know he has diabetes, even though that knowledge might help save his life one day.”

“A cure would remove something that is out of our control. It would give Hayden the freedom of being a normal teenager. It would reduce a huge amount of stress on us and other parents as Hayden moves into the age group where other influences place him at higher risk. As parents we can only do so much.  We do our part to raise funds and awareness, which is achievable. Finding a cure would be massive.”

The partnership with Revolve24 and JDRF in 2019 is an exceptional opportunity to support JDRF and encourage cycling within your family or corporate team. Plus, you get to visit and play at The Bend’s awesome facilities, which offer a range of accommodation options including the Rydges Pit Lane Hotel and Big 4 Caravan and Camping Ground.

Select your charity place today, and JDRF’s Tamara will be in touch to help you achieve your personal or team goal. Contact Tamara on 08 8490 0171 or for support and further information.

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