PM commits new funds for diabetes research
Published on March 19, 2010

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday committed to match a $500,000 funding contribution made by President of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in Australia, Dr Susan Alberti AO. He also committed to additional matching government funding for JDRF to a total of $5 million into the future. One hundred JDRF Youth Ambassadors aged 3 to […]

First islet transplant conducted in Adelaide
Published on March 11, 2010
General News

A South Australian woman has become the first person to receive an islet transplant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. Margaret Harrigan, a teacher from Adelaide, is producing her own insulin for the first time since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 36 years ago after receiving an islet transplant in January. Margaret had spent […]

Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Study
Published on March 11, 2010
General News

Are you under 30 years of age and have a relative with type 1 diabetes? Perhaps you have type 1 diabetes yourself and have family members that would like to make a contribution towards a cure. The Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Trial is an exciting study being run across Australia and New Zealand by the […]

What is… stem cell tourism?
Published on March 9, 2010
General News

“Stem cell tourism” is a term that has recently emerged to describe the increasing number of people heading overseas for medical stem cell treatments that are not approved or available in Australia. In Australia, and many other countries around the world, stem cell therapy is only approved to treat blood disorders such as leukemia. Whilst […]

To Canberra for the Cure!
Published on March 1, 2010

One hundred Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Youth Ambassadors aged 3 to 40, all with type 1 diabetes, will converge on Canberra to plead for continued government funding for type 1 diabetes research on 18 March. Supported by a crowd of family members, total numbers at Kids in the House will hit 300. They are visiting […]

Cooper is getting a new toy
Published on February 10, 2010
General News

Tassie Mum Leah calls to her son while she is on the phone to JDRF. “Cooper, come and have some more sandwich! He’s actually on his way to a hypo right now,” she says. Cooper is a bright, active, “beautiful” seven year old boy who has had type 1 diabetes since he was three. Back […]

Dramatically increased subsidy for insulin pumps
Published on February 8, 2010

Minister for Health, Nicola Roxon MP, has announced an expansion of the Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Pump Program, with a dramatically increased government subsidy of up to 80% of the purchase price of an insulin pump. The program was first launched in 2008 and provides a means-tested subsidy towards the purchase of an insulin pump […]

General News

JDRF funded trails at Cambridge University have shown that an artificial pancreas dramatically reduces the risk of potentially deadly hypoglycemia. Published today in the respected journal The Lancet, JDRF-funded researchers developed and successfully tested an automated management system, which was able to predict and prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Dramatic blood sugar drops, or hypoglycemia, have immediate […]

JDRF funded research in the US has found that a hormone associated with the body’s fight or flight instinct prompts beta cells to grow and to produce insulin. These findings reinforce the potential of regeneration as a cure for diabetes and provide insights for discovering new approaches to treat people with diabetes by restoring or […]

Cyclists Tackle Type 1 Diabetes
Published on January 18, 2010

More than 300 cyclists strapped on their helmets and pulled on lycra for the Ride to Cure Diabetes. JDRF’s annual cycling event covers the best of the picturesque Barossa Valley with three courses of 35, 80 or 160kms. In just 5 years the Ride to Cure Diabetes has seen more than $5 million invested into […]

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